Maya B. Love

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Prague, Czechia
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2014
Professional Training 2018
Formats Offered
Drop in classes

Maya B. Love

Maya has been a passionate dancer for more than three decades. She finds that everything in life has its own rhythm and melody which, if we listen carefully, we can follow moment to moment, and create dance of our lives.

She has been travelling around the world, living in the ecological communities in the Latin and South America, curiously learning about alternative ways of life and gathering their wisdom and knowledge.

In her work Maya alchemizes and includes learnings and experiences from shamanic and meditative practices, conflict resolution, cacao ceremonies, breath techniques and simply navigating intuitively in the present moment.

She is an apprentice teacher, having assisted internationally and offering her weekly drop-in classes in Prague. She holds a safe space for people to explore their inner landscapes and tuning into the intelligence of their bodies.

Maya’s intention is to keep learning and evolving in life’s own pace, to create weekend workshops and all day ceremonies for people to dive even deeper into the infinite field of possibilities and follow their utmost dreams. She wishes to collaborate with the local Movement Medicine teachers to co-create deep and sacred spaces for personal transformations.


+420 775 026 953

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