Kvika Föld

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Reykjavík, Iceland
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2009
Professional Training 2010
Graduation 2015
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Ceremony CPD 2016
Phoenix CPD 2017
Initiation CPD 2019
Formats Offered
Monthly classes

Kvika Föld

Kvika Föld is like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the burning lava fields in Iceland. She is fully alive rising from her life experience of trauma. Her ancestry is Hungarian, from the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania in Romania. She is an artist, DJ, teacher and a dancer. 

Kvika facilitates empowerment journeys for women and men, to take ownership of their bodies, emotions and thoughts, to dance with any limitation as a gateway to personal power, pleasure, aliveness, freedom, peace, joy, health, wealth and love. 

Kvika Föld Dance Journeys are grounded in Movement Medicine. Kvika Föld has been teaching dance as healing art since 2006. She has a background in visual arts, the 12 step program, food as medicine, various kinds of inner work, as well as being a mother of two courageous women.

Upcoming Events

When I saw Kvika dancing and speaking about being Fully Alive and healing ourselves and it spoke to me deeply. I have been nursing a back injury, feeling disconnected from my vibrant fire energy, my body, and my joy as it has been painful to recover. In our 1on1 Movemen Medicine session she guided me to reconnect to the most nourishing infinite power available to me and within. My whole being and body opened up, joy and love flowed through me in the dance. My back became fluid and it immediate! - Angela Roberts, Wisdom thru the Wild & Unforgettable Workshops