Joanne Breton

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Wicklow, Ireland
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2013
Professional Training 2015
Graduation 2017
Heart & SEER CPD 2018
Embodied Listening CPD 2020
Formats Offered

Joanne Breton

Joanne trained as a Movement Medicine teacher because, when she dances she feels closest to G-d. Still overcoming and accepting the challenges in her background, she experiences MM to be one of the strongest embodied healing tools for trauma. Joanne likes to work simply, in a very down to earth, unpretentious way, while including nature and the sacred in our everyday awareness. Although mainly teaching indoors, Joanne loves to teach on the beach and in nature.
Joanne has a lifelong interest in how the mind and body move and heal. She thinks that cycling everywhere from a young age, doing cartwheels, swimming and going to school discos saved her life! So she couldn’t believe her luck when she stumbled on conscious dance practice, as an alternative or add on to therapy and meditation. Joanne connects easily with vulnerable people, and has a work background in yoga, homeopathy, counselling, supervision, conflict mediation, social care and teaching. Her MM client groups include people with mental health diagnosis, and those experiencing dementia.
Joanne was born in England, grew up in South Africa and now lives by the sea in Ireland, where she raised her two pride and joys.



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When I first met Joanne, I noticed the magical altars that she created, the beauty and attention to detail, and I was struck by the love and care that she took in choosing and handling each object as sacred - a love and reverence I carry with me to this day - and one of the reasons I chose to apply for MM Apprenticeship. In her classes, I experienced her peaceful, gentle, steady way, welcoming each person as they are. Joanne is joyful and inspiring in her dance, a wise woman who understands the medicine of laughter. - Carrie Branovan: Movement Medicine Teacher, Art Director, Photographer