Ilaria Franchi

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Trentino, Italy
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2017
Professional Training 2018
Shapeshifter CPD 2019
Graduation 2020
Formats Offered

Ilaria Franchi

Ilaria is an activator of change, starting from the body and its needs, for the achievement of people's well-being and freedom.

Ilaria is a lively and joyful person. As a child, she used to feel like that especially when
she could dance freely, without choreography or predefined structures. At that time, she did not know what transformative power dance would have then in her life.

In her darkest hour, when she had lost all points of reference, Movement Medicine®
supported her in learning to take care herself and of her deepest needs.

She then trained and became a fully qualified Movement Medicine® teacher in 2020.

She has worked with groups both online and in person, in Italian and English.
She has conducted projects in a rehabilitation centre as well as with Human Science students at University Verona, Italy.

Her dedication is to accompany people on their transformation journey by stimulating the natural capacity inherent in everyone to tap into their own potential for renewal and to support them in integrating it into their life.

She lives between her home town by Lake Garda, Italy and Ireland with her husband and lovely cat. She loves the strong winds and the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Upcoming Events

Ilaria leads me inside the dance with gentleness, energy, brightness; she proposes wonderful music that takes me on a journey to remote places and allows me to meet people, scents, spaces so near and so far. I recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to dedicate time to discovery, magic, fun, emotion; in a circle always characterised by total acceptance. - Patrizia