Ida Marie Simers

MM Professional Teacher & Facilitator
Based in Nesodden, Norway
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2014
Professional Training 2016
Formats Offered
privat sessions

Ida Marie Simers

 Ida Marie, lives and work in Norway, near Oslo. 
She is an artist, Movement Medicine apprentice teacher and facilitator. She have studied and worked with art since 1987.
Collage has been her golden thread. 
Currently she studying Neuroreflexology in a Norwagien school, Medika Nova.

Looking for a way to live and dance with life. Weaving her life, as a collage-to grasp life, hungry for being with life, in movement.

Ida Marie found Movement Medicine since 2007. -a way to learn how to dance with everyday life- and she started her apprentice journey in 2014, followed by the professional path in 2016.

Movement Medicine has helped her to learn from the past, transform trauma, including
ancestors trauma into gold for the sake of living here and now,
-for all our relations.
Ida Marie is curious and has been inquiring how to make space for the artist in her to support these transformations.

She holds movment medicine classes and can be booked
for workshops where she creatively includes drawing/painting together with movement medicine.

As a neuroreflexology massage therapist, she is adding skills how to work with feelings
and the nervous system. She is offering 1-1 body treatments as part of her education.

Ida Marie deeply cares about our inner and outer eco-system,
the magical child, the artist and dancer in us


+47 48234087

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"The qualities that I see in Ida Marie is her ability to bring her playfulness and open heartedness into her daily life. She has a natural sense of creativity and curiosity.  Always looking for new ways to communicate her inner world. She also have the ability to see her aims thru and dedicate time and effort to make it happen.  But most of all her big smile and positive attitude that brings joy and ease in other.” - OMK