Helen Whitehead

MM Professional Teacher
Based in North East England, United Kingdom
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2019
Professional Training
Heart & SEER CPD 2023
Formats Offered
Day retreats

Helen Whitehead

Movement Medicine along with many other healing modalities has helped me become more of a whole person, able to be, move and dance with what life offers.
After a rather rude spiritual awakening in my early 20's I found shamanism and conscious dance in the form of 5 Rhythms in 1996.

As Ya'Acov and Susannah found and created Movement Medicine, I attended many of their intensives in the UK and danced weekly with the amazing dance community in Newcastle-upon Tyne which is my dancing home and has birthed the Newcastle Dance Collective which I am a part of.

I love working with plant spirits and flower remedies.
I like to combine dancing outside with medicine walks, saunas and sharing food.
I'm a Reiki Master and trained for many years in Shamanic practice with Simone Silverpath
I also hold a certification from her in Holding the Space -the way of Counsel.

Alongside a lot of, not so great, entry level jobs working on the shop floor in retail, care jobs waitressing and factory work, I have worked as a Mental Health Professional and in the field of addictions my background is in Counselling and Raving!

Not living my best insta life (god help me) but being my most authentic self with all of its. beauty and difficulty is what I hope to bring to my teaching.

I try not to take myself too seriously and I love to laugh!


+44 7890302904

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