Harm Koopmans

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Gelderland, Netherlands
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2014
Professional Training 2021
Formats Offered
Monthly classes

Harm Koopmans

Harm Koopmans (1965) focuses on caring for the earth and people in this life. He is a true entrepreneur who likes to explore the path: how do we deal with the earth, how do we deal with each other and how do we deal with ourselves.

As a pioneer, he likes to show that things can be done differently than what seems obvious to many. He follows his heart as much as possible and has therefore taken a new path several times with complete confidence.

Harm has completed a variety of courses and activities, which have shaped him into a person with a lot of knowledge and life experience. Since the summer of 2004 until 2021, he lived in a yurt with his wife Marieke. There he felt the richness of a life in and with nature. Living in simplicity, looking at oneself, the ancient knowledge that is still present in all of us and the intensity of group processes were important themes for him.

At the end of 2016, he and Marieke and five friends started a community in the east of the Netherlands: Hof van Moeder Aarde. With all his heart and soul and his knowledge and experience he, together with the other initiators, has managed to firmly establish this into a viable community. The disease process and death of his wife Marieke in 2021 are, in addition to the sadness of the loss of his partner, an indelible and rich experience.

Harm started dancing (5-Rhythms) at the beginning of 2000 and from the first moment he felt how important movement is to him and what it brings. About ten years later, Movement Medicine came his way, which has even more elements that feel very familiar and rich. The support and development that Movement Medicine has brought him are his inspiration to share this as Professional with as many other people as possible.

Get yourself moving in the safe space he creates. He likes to share his love for music, movement and life with you. Let the medicine of movement bring healing and growth into your life.

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