Daniela Luethi

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Adelaide, Australia
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2017
Professional Training 2018
Formats Offered
Weekly classes
Day workshops

Daniela Luethi

Daniela has been teaching Yoga since 30 years and Movement Medicine since 2019.

For her the body is a temple of wisdom and she is very passionate about sharing Movement to access this knowledge to heal and align body, mind and heart.

She also loves singing Mantras and was the cofounder of the Shakti Shuttlez, a Kirtan band in Zürich. In her classes she creates a safe container to feel and move what is ready for it. Usually the sessions are finished singing a Mantra to connect with the heart and community.

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I have been going to Daniela’s Movement Medicine classes for about four years now. I feel very held and supported as a dancer in that space. She has created a safety that helps me witness myself in ways that excite me and at other times challenge me but always safe. Even when she or others have triggered me there’s still a sense of safety and love with an opportunity to become more accepting and open. Closing each class with a mantra we sing together, reminds me that I am indeed a part of a beautiful community. - Pamela Torres, Astrologist