Catherine Indrano

MM Professional
Based in Yvelines, France
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2012
Professional Training 2013
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Phoenix CPD 2018
Formats Offered
1-1 (online or in person)
Online coaching programmes (1-1 and group)
Intensive workshop (to come)

Catherine Indrano

Essentially, she is a Student of Life, doing her best to be a real Human Being - with all the responsibilities that implies towards all her relationships including the different realms of Nature. She tries and dance her life with as much presence, grace and humour as possible.

Personally, she is a kind, sensitive, empathic, open, VERY resilient and energetic person. Some say she has a sense of humour. Of course, she has her ups and downs, like everyone!

In her relationships, she is a faithful friend an companion. Her family is composed with people her heart chooses, which means she has a big strong family, including the Movement Medicine community.

Socially, she has a 30 years career as a consultant, team coach and trainer, supporting business transformations, mainly in the banking industry - but not only. So she knows a lot about personal and group dynamics in business as usual conditions and in contexts of change - intended or not.
She really enjoys creating processes and safe spaces to empower people to reveal their best.

Concerning movement...

Movement is her dream and passion, since childhood.
She has 9 years of practice of martial arts.
She explored and practiced various forms of dance for 11 years before discovering:
- 5 Rhythms dance that she practiced 7 years
- then Movement Medicine she discovered in 2007 with a first week end workshop with Ya'Acov Darling Khan. What an encounter!

MM brought her SO MANY treasures on SO MANY levels that she could talk about that for hours!
To sum it up ROUGHLY:
- an increased body vocabulary,
- loads of healings for her, her blood family and ancestors,
- a higher awareness and a better acceptance of her lights and shadows: innerly, in her relationship with her beloved ones, her communities and with Nature,
- a Soul Tribe: engaged MM dancing warriors like her, passionate for movement and its medicine,
- and so many other things...

....there are SO MANY GIFTS she received that she cannot help but sharing them.



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