Arielle Semin

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Vaud, Switzerland
MM Qualifications
Professional Training 2018
Apprenticeship 2016
Heart & SEER CPD 2023
Graduation 2021
Embodied Listening CPD 2021
Formats Offered
Weekend workshops
Cacao Movement Medecine ceremonies

Arielle Semin

Deeply rooted in the Earth, her head far in the stars, Arielle is devoted to the protection of our magnificent planet and the rise of human consciousness. Guided by visions from multiple sources, she is passionately contributing to manifest the change for the good of all in this world.

She serves with various strings to her bow : certified as Movement Medicine Teacher, Dream Teacher and Coach, as a Buddhist nun, a shamanic practitioner and a senior environmental and social impact professional in the corporate world.

Her journey in Movement Medicine, starting in 2012, has enabled her to embody her dreams, managing her hyper sensitivity, getting to know her shadows and blind spots. She has loved since her Teacher Training, guiding dancers, dreamers and activists into Source to get inspiration and access to their own medicine so they can bring it into the world.

Keeping a balance between being at service with groups or individuals or being in retreat in nature or silence, she is leading classes, workshops and ceremonies, with her motto "Dream into Action". She is offering as well individual sessions, face to face or via zoom, for the change makers, hyper sensitive and dreamers of our world.

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