9 May 2024
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Dear Friends,

We are grateful to have been able to participate in the shared (Palestinian, Israeli, and all others wanting peace welcome) Joint ceremonies which Combatants for Peace will livestream:

Joint Memorial Day Ceremony Sun 12 May 2024. https://www.facebook.com/AFCombatantsForPeace

Joint Nakba Remembrance Day Weds 15 May 2024 https://www.facebook.com/AFCombatantsForPeace

The recordings are well worth watching. Please share them too, if you feel to.

In our case we were at the Hairy Barista, Totnes, Devon, UK, where Adama Events screened the ceremonies for people who want to be together for this. Thank you Adama Events and the Hairy B!

One of the motors of the ongoing wheel of suffering and this current wave of extreme violence is the dehumanisation of the apparent "other". The courageous act of choosing to stand in solidarity together dissolves these divisions and rehumanises all of us. And this is part of what, as we understand it, is being embodied in these ceremonies. We bow in gratitude and respect for the deep inner and outer work involved.

This blog was updated 16.5.24 to reflect that the ceremonies have happened and where to find the recordings.

Here is Rana Salman, Palestinian Executive Director of "Combatants for Peace" speaks about the Joint Memorial Day Ceremony (Sunday 12th May 2024) and the Joint Nakba Remembrance Day ((Wednesday 15th May 2024) and how profoundly these shared (Palestinian and Israeli, together) ceremonies of grief and mutual liberation embody a way forward for all to live in peace, safety and dignity, together.

We were honoured that Rana Salman (Palestinian Executive Director of "CfP"), Chen Alon (founder member of "CfP") and Ben Yeger (UK Representative of "CfP") spoke so inspiringly at the beginning of the Movement Medicine Equinox dance ceremony. You can access tickets to watch the recording. Ticket sales got to support CfP.

Here is Chen Alon, one of the Israeli founders of "Combatants for Peace" speaking about his own journey and how this organisation came into being.

in deep gratitude to all those who have created these ceremonies and who take part in this effort of reaching beyond our tribal identities towards a universal sense of co-humanity, and thanks to Ben Yeger for his work at the interface of Movement Medicine and Combatants for Peace, and for introducing us to this extra-ordinary organisation many years ago.

with love,

Susannah and Ya'Acov

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