10 January 2023
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I LOVE this magnificent beech tree which grows out of a wall close to where we live. I was so happy to catch this moment of early sun touching her red tinged branches. I was only up there on the land that early because I had dropped my glasses somewhere the day before on a walk. I thought I'd possibly lost them whilst stripping off multiple woolly layers in a mega-hot-rush as I'm sure many other menopausal women will recognise.

They are special prescription glasses and I was worried I'd gone and lost them (again!) but thought I might know the exact big tuft of grass on which I may have been standing when I was clothes wrestling my way out of a steaming damp unbidden inner sauna. The glasses had been in the pocket of the offending heat jacket with which I'd  turned somersaults in my efforts to escape the heat.

Luckily, there they were, lying innocently by the exact tuffet of grass I thought they might be. Phew!!!

And then I could see properly again and the morning sun was kissing the filigree lacework of the mother beech.

That was one of the silver (more like red gold actually) linings of that incident!

Love to you all, Susannah Darling Khan


All blessings to you and all your relations, Susannah DK

Susannah Darling Khan

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