3 May 2023
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A short offering from me this month. And a poem. Enjoy!

I love my life. I genuinely do. It’s not that it’s easy. There are plenty of challenges in my day-to-day, as well as the challenges of living in times where so much is changing so fast. But as I approach 60, I’ve entered the harvest of so many years of deep travel on this dancing path. And the news from here is that even though there were so many times in my life when I felt frustrated at the slow pace of how long things take to move from vision to actualisation on this earth, every single drop of sweat, blood and tears that I have shed along the way has been worth it.

We are moving ahead with our preparations for the Summer Long Dance and we have an invited an extra guest to join us this year. We are waiting to see if he gets a visa and will tell you more when we hear news. Bookings are coming in through our new wonderful booking system (you can pay in three instalments if you choose to pay via PayPal). See you there? And I am preparing for Encounter Part 3 which begins tomorrow, May 4th, with a wonderful circle of dancers from around the world.

When I began my journey, my dance was a clenched attempt at disappearing from view, blended with the wish to be seen and celebrated that is the human condition. Now, I have landed in a relaxed and focused ease in my body, and the capacity to feel, listen and even sometimes, act accordingly   - progress! That I love to move, dance, stretch, walk the hills we live on – and that I have reached that place where life is the dance, gives me the sense of the last 40 years or so as well spent. I’ve just celebrated my 59th birthday. Birthdays for me, are an invitation to review life, celebrate what’s been good and re-commit to being kinder, stronger, more passionate, and a better friend. These are the things that matter personally to me, and they are what keeps my offering in life fresh and in evolution. 

I know life is tough in so many ways. And I know that everything I hold dear will come to its end. And there's nothing that can soften that truth. So today is the day when I do my best to live as best as I can and enjoy the day, whilst I’m still at the stage when getting older is a blessing..........

Not written a poem for way too long. Rusty rhymes may follow. But to celebrate my birthday, here’s my little power poem. Wishing you the juice of Beltane and that gorgeous rising sap. And hope to see you at the Summer Long Dance and somewhere on the road. You’ll find our upcoming dates below. 

Every Now and Then

Every now and then, life’s magic appears, 
Fleeting moments, overcoming fears, 
Worlds of wonder, alchemical shine,
Apparent opposites, the dance of the divine

Awe inspiring nature, mystery and might
Dawn and sunset, the gift of sight,
Storms lash certainty, change unfolds,
Stories from the past that must be told

Connection made and impossible grace,
The shine of soul lights up your face,
The medicine held in horror’s gone by,
The present, the future, the blink of an eye

I witness the courage when the lights go out
Dancers in darkness, lost in turmoil and doubt, 
But the beat is the power and the power is great,
Kindness and mercy, destiny and fate

That power is unbroken, creation’s pulse in the heart,
Transforming our suffering into movement and art,
Exploring the patterns in the depths of the mind,
Roots, trunk and branches, masterfully combined

Evolution is the now of all that has been
Praying for futures that have never been seen,
For all our relations my heart lifts a prayer,
Peace for all beings, for the pain we cannot bear

The sands of time fall through hollow hands, 
Always moving forward into unknown lands,
Prayers for the children in this lion’s den, 
And a duty to praise every now and then

YDK. April 2023

Ya’Acov DK

Ya’Acov Darling Khan, is the author of ‘Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart...