Tue 11 Aug 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (UK Time)
This months hub lesson focuses on the Great Mystery Gate.
This event ended on Tue 11 Aug 2020.

Yin + Yang = Yun: The Power of Phoenix Medicine

Each Study Hub lesson explores a gate from the Movement Medicine Mandala. The Hub's monthly lesson structure is made of weekly practices available for members every Monday. You're welcome to join the Hub anytime and no prior Movement Medicine experience is required. All live content is recorded and available for your convenience.

The focus of this lesson is the relationship between 'Acceptance' and 'Intention'. This is one way to describe the relationship between Yin and Yang - the dynamic dance between these two forces is the movement of life itself. It is sometimes called Yun and in Movement Medicine, it relates to the medicine of the Phoenix.

Whether you are just beginning or deepening your practice, the dynamic interplay of acceptance and intention have a profound effect on the experience of how and what we create in our lives. The Phoenix symbolises the constant cycle of life, death and rebirth which is central to our capacity to grow soul as embodied human beings.

Whenever we begin a new chapter in our lives, this, the dance at the centre of the mandala, is where we begin.

We mistakenly migrated our spelling of Yun to Yeung, which we are now correcting. See the Glossary for more about this deeply important concept.

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