Fri 28 Nov - Sun 30 Nov 2025
Ljubljana, Slovenia

You are cordially invited to join us for a mesmerising journey into the heart of “Wild Honey,” a Movement Medicine workshop curated to explore the enchanting dance of energy between yin and yang.

Through deep dancing explorations we will delve into the subtle and sensual interplay of the active and the receptive, unlocking the potent power that lies within the sacred union of these opposing forces.

Guided by Susannah’s clarity, sensitively and depth of experience, we will embark on a soulful exploration, tapping into the dynamic harmony of the inner marriage. Allow the dance floor to be your canvas as you navigate the profound depths of your being, surrendering to the ebb and flow of both the active and the receptive forces within. Let the sweet nectar of “Wild Honey” infuse your movements with sensuality and grace, as we celebrate the beauty of balance and the magnetic pull between opposites.

Dance the poetry of opposites, honouring the dynamic interplay that resides within us all. Join us to immerse yourself in the alchemical dance of “Wild Honey” and witness the magic that unfolds when we surrender to the rhythm of the inner marriage.

Below you will find a a video to give you more of a live vibe of the work and below that a blog post Susannah wrote after she offered the first Wild Honey workshop in Switzerland.

Wild Honey

Susannah Darling Khan
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12 March 2024
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