Mon 29 May 2023
This months hub lesson focuses on the Heart & Wind Gates.
This event ended on Mon 29 May 2023.

The Wings of the Heart

Each Study Hub lesson explores a gate from the Movement Medicine Mandala. The Hub's monthly lesson structure is made of weekly practices available for members every Monday. You're welcome to join the Hub anytime and no prior Movement Medicine experience is required. All live content is recorded and available for your convenience.

Exploring the Discipline of Joy & Gratitude

The theme of this lesson is the chamber of gratitude, connected to the breath and the practice of joy. We see the heart as grounded in the feet and connected to the branches of the Tree of Life through its metaphorical wings. Joy, like any emotion, is a dance that can be practiced.

The dance of the wind is a great teacher of the reality of our interdependence. It also brings a lightness and a force to our movement practice that can be truly uplifting.

Time to lift our heads, catch the scent of the breath of life, and dance our socks off!

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