Mon 30 Oct 2023
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (GMT)
This months hub lesson focuses on the Branches, Center & Roots Maps.
This event ended on Mon 30 Oct 2023.

The Tree of Life and the 3 Worlds

Each Study Hub lesson explores a gate from the Movement Medicine Mandala. The Hub's monthly lesson structure is made of weekly practices available for members every Monday. You're welcome to join the Hub anytime and no prior Movement Medicine experience is required. All live content is recorded and available for your convenience.

As we dive deeper into our practice, the Tree of Life can be an extraordinary resource. A universal symbol that is found across so many of the world's cultures, it invokes an embodied journey through what are called the Three Worlds.

All you need to make the most of what this practice, landscape and ancient methodology can bring you, is a body, a heart and a little pinch of open sky imagination. Ya'Acov will bring his down-to-earth approach to the theory and practice of what is one of the core 5 practices of Movement Medicine.

N.B. The Listening Bowl recording this month includes Ya'Acov sharing about resourcing and practice in challenging times and a summary of what happened. Apologies for the zoom screen. I, Ya'Acov forgot to do the spotlighting thing 😉

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