Weekly on Monday for 7 times
7:00 pm (-05)
This event ended on Mon 8 Jan 2024.

The Elemental Medicine Wheel is a 7 week online exercise on the ZOOM platform, a practical teaching on the medicine wheel and how to develop our connection in a tangible way. We will be working with some Movement Medicine principles and other shamanic practices. Each session will be one hour, beginning with a 20 minute introduction to the topic, or the direction, followed by 30 minutes in exploration through movement, visualisations, practical exercises and writing, and closing with 10 minutes of togetherness. Subscription is essential, but all classes will be recorded so they can be viewed at any time during the course. Sessions will be on a Monday - giving the whole week to practice and complete the exercises. For tickets and subscriptions, please see the SHOP section of the website. This is open to all ages, and the cost is $77 for all 7 classes.