Fri 24 May - Sun 26 May 2024
8:15 pm (UK Time)
Kyodo Dojo Mendelssohnstraße, 15 Haus B, Hamburg
English and German (Germany) - Deutsch (Deutschland)
290€ / 250€ early bird
This event ended on Sun 26 May 2024.

Soul Whispering yourself home

You are invited to embark on a transformative journey dancing home into the authentic core of your own being.

Susannah will craft a profound and moving Movement Medicine journey in which you will be able to welcome more of your own wild soul home, accessing parts of yourself you may not yet know. Soul Whispering starts with inhabiting your own sensate body. It continues with liberating your freedom and taking responsibility for your power. It involves allowing your heart its full spectrum of feeling. It’s about soul, sensitivity and strength.

This weekend offers you the possibility to experience yourself as a precious part of the intricate web of life, with your own unique role to play. And gives you ways to hear the whisper of your own soul –  refining your inner life compass.

Come ready to explore, to let go into your dance, to feel, and prepare to be surprised by yourself!

Susannah has been teaching movement as medicine since 1989. She is well known for her blend of passion, compassion and for the deep respect she has for each person’s journey. She is famed for the exquisite music she chooses to accompany and catalyse the journeys she curates.

Over the last years she has been apprenticed to 4 previously wild Exmoor ponies who have taught her so much about wild pony whispering and how to respect the sensitivity and strength of all of our nature as wild beings.

Friday: 20.15 – 22.15

Saturday: 11 – 18.00

Sunday: 10 – 16.30