Fri 12 Jul 2024
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm (CEST)
Lichtsaal, Thomas-Mayr Str. 4, Grafing, Germany, 85567
English (United Kingdom) and German (Germany) - Deutsch (Deutschland)
Yuki Lakshminarayani Mitsumori: Click to Show Email.

Movement Medicine® workshop with Yuki
21 Gateways - 4. East/Spirit of Fire
Body is our temple.
Movement is our worship.
Dance will become our prayer.

Movement Medicine is a body based movement meditation practice with body, mind and heart, and with essences of contemporary shamanism and psychotherapeutic wisdom.
You will be guided how to sense the body with your own free dance, and Movement medicine will assist you to reconnect to your nature self, your heart, your creativity, the Joy of knowing who you are, and to live a life of authenticity that is guided by your soul.
(For more information of Movement Medicine and 21 gateways, please see bottom of this page)

This is the 4th gate of 21 gateways, however anyone can join even you have not done previous gates. 

In this workshop,  we will be calling the spirit of Fire, then you will discover the connection between Fire and yourself through your dance.
And you will be exploring yourself to invite the Fire spirit into the Integrity for bringing it back into your life as a powerful resource. It will support you to be connected the confidence of who you are.
And your movement becomes your medicine.

Warmth..... Passion..... Vitality..... Clarity..... Integrity..... Clear boundaries..... Direction..... As space to be held but allow for creation.....To show the sparkle.....

Dance is Prayer, celebration, awareness, blessings, sending love, sharing light, spreading vibration, making a wave, being in the flow, connecting to Universe, calling spirits, shipping the journey, mapping the life, dreaming the future, creating the reality, becoming one with all, being held by Earth, and appreciation and love for living.

≪Date and time≫
Friday 12th July

25 Euro

Lichtsaal, Grafing
Address :
Thomas-Mayr Str. 4
85567 Grafing

English and German translation on request

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