Mon 20 May 2024
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (CEST)
Lichtsaal, Thomas-Mayr Str. 4, Grafing, Germany, 85567
English (United States) and German (Germany) - Deutsch (Deutschland)
Yuki Lakshminarayani Mitsumori: Click to Show Email.

Movement Medicine® with Yuki
21 Gateways - 2. Yang/Sacred Masculine Energy
Body is our temple.
Movement is our worship.
Dance will become our prayer.
In this workshop,
you will discover your Yang energy and Yin energy through your movement, and we will be focusing and celebrate our Yang energy with our dance.
Yang as sacred male energy.
Yin as sacred female energy.
We all have both, regardless of gender.
Yang can not be exist without Yin, and Yin can not be without Yang.
These two energies are supporting together.
You will discover and get a direct experience of your good balance of these two energies.
And your movement becomes your medicine.

Power of intention... Clarity... Courage... Mastering... willing... focusing... giving... growing... and becoming a  prayer...

Dance is Prayer, celebration, awareness, blessings, sending love, sharing light, spreading vibration, making a wave, being in the flow, connecting to Universe, calling spirits, shipping the journey, mapping the life, dreaming the future, creating the reality, becoming one with all, being held by Earth, and appreciation and love for living.

≪Date and time≫
Feiertag Montag 20th May

20 Euro

Lichtsaal, Grafing
Address :
Thomas-Mayr Str. 4
85567 Grafing

English and German translation on request

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≪About Movement Medicine®≫
Movement Medicine® is a body based movement meditation practice with body, mind and heart, and with essences of contemporary shamanism and psychotherapeutic wisdom.
You will be guided how to sense the body with your own free dance, and Movement medicine will assist you to reconnect to your nature self, your heart, your creativity, the Joy of knowing who you are, and to live a life of authenticity that is guided by your soul
Movement Medicine® is intent work you to bring your movement experience into your daily life for staying at your center in the real life.
And to make everyday "ritual".
Movement Medicine™ is a very special dancing meditation technique passed down through initiation ceremonies by British medicine women and shamans Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Kahn, after over 30 years of research and practice.
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≪about 21 gateways MANDALA≫
The symbol of the Movement Medicine Mandala contains all the teachings that make up Movement Medicine. Each of its 21 Gateways is an invitation to engage with a different aspect of life in the most creative way possible.
Each Gateway opens up an important aspect of life's journey. As your practice deepens, the mandala becomes more and more useful, both as a reminder of where you are, and as a measure of your evolution.

{ 21 gateways }


1. The Devine Feminine

2. The Devine Masculine

3. South : Earth

4. East : Fire

5. West : Water

6. North : Air/Wind

7. The Body

8. The Heart

9. The Mind

10. The Past

11. The Present

12. The Future

13. Fulfillment

14. Interconnection

15. Realization

16. Self

17. Others

18. Community & Environment

19. Ancestors/Spirit World

20. Divine Source

21. The Great Mystery



<< about the Facilitator >>
Yuki Lakshminarayani

She is a Movement medicine certified Teacher, a Spiritual Healer, an International Yoga Teacher and a Shamanic Worker.

She started teaching group exercises since 1997, and she has been giving healing as well for physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

In her unique Movement Medicine® class, she puts in her nature wisdom of Shamanic work as she is a grand daughter of a Japanese Shaman,  and uses knowledge from long experiences of her skills such as Spirituality, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Dance meditation, Technique of family constellation, body works,  Art therapy, and Butoh performance.

She is trained and initiated by some Shamans from Japan, Peru, Ecuador, Nepal and England, and has a motivation and passion to contribute more with all resources.

She has held a lot of workshops and retreats in some countries around the world so far.

Through her soul mission, she supports people to harmonize body, mind, heart and spirit, as well as balancing Yin-Sacred Female energy and Yang-Sacred Male energy. And she assists people awakening "who you are", and the sense of " we are ONE, connected".

Facebook: Movement Medicine Elemental Dance with Yuki
Instagram: yukilakshminarayani