Fri 30 Aug 2024 - Sun 16 Mar 2025
5:00 pm (UK Time)
Rill Estate, Devon, United Kingdom, TQ11 0LW

Core Intention

THE CORE INTENTION OF MOVEMENT MEDICINE PRACTICE is to provide people with tools for growing consciousness through embodied movement practise. Movement Medicine creates a space where people from all walks of life can grow into being empowered, awake, creative individuals aware of the interdependence of everything. In this space they gather the resources to: be who they are, develop their potential and make their contribution to life.

THE CORE INTENTION FOR TRAINING is to pass on the skills of holding space and guidance for other people to grow, develop and flourish, using the principles and practices of MM. Our expertise is about how to teach this on the dance floor, so that will be a strong focus. However, these skills are transferable to any situation that requires movement of any kind. 


  1. You want to train to teach Movement Medicine as an accredited Movement Medicine Teacher or integrate Movement Medicine into your existing movement teaching practice. You do not have to choose between this teaching path and the facilitating path. Many people do both.
  2. You want to take the training to become an accredited Movement Medicine Facilitator in order to be able to use the principles and practices of MM to hold space for others and apply/translate/integrate this learning in your own field of expertise and work. We are delighted that there are many facilitators from our first and second trainings who are offering this work now in a wide variety of situations. You do not have to choose between this facilitating path and the teaching path. Many people do both.
  3. You wish to take the training for your own ongoing study and are not sure where it’s all going to lead.




Once accepted onto the training, we will send you tasks related to your preparation for module 1. It is important to give these your full attention. There will also be one pre-training coaching session with Susannah or Ya’Acov to help you to prepare. Your Professional Mentor will be with one of the School’s Professional Mentor Team, and will be with a different person than the mentor you had for your apprenticeship. 


September 6th to 15th 2024 - 9 Nights  


At the end of Module 1, we will discuss your plans with each one of you. For some of you, this may involve beginning to teach/facilitate depending on your previous experience. Please note: in order to have our permission to teach or facilitate, you will need to make sure that you have appropriate insurance, an up-to-date First Aid qualification (for anyone using physical movement in any kind of work), and be a fully paid up member of the Movement Medicine Association, as well as us (and you!) knowing that you are ready. Licence to teach any of the methods taught on the training is contingent on these requirements. You will also be required to sign the Intellectual Property agreement that formalises your licence to teach Movement Medicine. 

The training includes 2 mentoring sessions, one with Ya'Acov and one with Susannah. You will need to factor in two more Mentoring Sessions with your new Professional Mentor which must happen before March 2025. These sessions are £65 each. 


March 7th to February 15th 2025 - 9 Nights

Both modules will begin at 5pm and finish with lunch on the last day at 12.45.  Registration will be from 3pm.

At the end of Module 2, we will discuss your plans with each one of you.


This stage of training involves intensive mentored practice over a minimum of 18 months. Full notes about this journey are available in the file called:  if you are interested in the Facilitator path please also see the Facilitator Path V5 doc which is also there.

Your time as a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher or Facilitator will begin from the time you begin to teach or apply the work. This period will last for a minimum of 18 months. 


In order to be accredited as a teacher or facilitator, you will need to be in regular professional mentoring with one of the School’s Professional Mentors. This is crucial. The details of what we mean by regular (and this depends on how often you are teaching/facilitating) are all in the document “From Training to Graduation”. The first 4 of these are included in the cost of the training. After that you will need to pay for them (directly to your professional mentor) yourself.

Assuming you complete your work to a level that you, your professional mentor and we as the graduating body are happy with, you will then be invited to a Graduation Initiation (Panel) and assuming you successfully pass this, you will be accredited by the School of Movement Medicine. There will then be a simple ceremony during a community gathering to honour your successful completion of the training. 


For those that wish to study further, there will be modules of Continued Professional Development to train you in further levels of MM practice. To be clear, the training itself gives you permission to teach or facilitate Movement Medicine excluding these practices (see The Path):

  • The S.E.E.R Process
  • Movement Medicine Ritual (except with permission from Y & S because of previous experience in this field)
  • The Phoenix Process
  • The Initiation (9 Life Cycles) maps
  • Training others to use MM Professionally

In order to maintain your status as an accredited teacher or facilitator of Movement Medicine, there are some ongoing requirements which are held by the Movement Medicine Association, which you need to join as soon as you start teaching or facilitating. These include: agreeing to the protocols and ethical guidelines of the Movement medicine mesa, having up to date professional insurance, an up to date first aid qualification, remaining in Professional mentoring (though after graduation you can choose who you ask to be your mentor, whether they are within or outside Movement Medicine, and remaining involved in ongoing study through continued professional development. Full details of all this are available from the Movement Medicine Association.


a) Make your application using the button below (applications are open now).

b) Once accepted, and not before, you can book your ticket. Until the middle of March, the only option is the 'pay in full option.' Our new payment plan system is planned to be in place by mid-March. In all cases, all payments will need to be completed by March 2025.

c) Professional Mentoring: The training includes 2 mentoring sessions, one with Ya'Acov and one with Susannah. You will need to factor in two more Mentoring Sessions with your new Professional Mentor which must happen before March 2025. These sessions are £65 each.

A list of Professional Mentors to choose from will be provided once you have been accepted on the training and made your 1st payment.

d) Get ready for the ride!

e) Not ready to train yet? Our next Professional Training is planned for some time in 2027 all being well. 

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Professional Training

This ticket is for Professional Training Module 1 and 2. Please choose Professional Training Payment Plan if you would like to spread the cost. It includes basic dormitory accommodation and meals.  

Twin Ensuite (under kitchen)

The ticket includes the cost of accommodation for both Module 1 and Module 2. This ensuite twin bedroom is situated under the kitchen and will therefore be noisier than the other rooms. This is reflected in the price which is for one person sharing.

Accessible Single Ensuite

The cost of this ticket includes accommodation for both Module 1 and Module 2. This is a single fully accessible bedroom with ensuite shower. Priority given to those with accessibility needs.  

Double Ensuite (single occupancy)

This price covers accommodation for both Module 1 and Module 2. This allows for single occupancy in a double bed ensuite room.

Single Ensuite

This price covers accommodation for both Module 1 and Module 2. Single bed ensuite room for one person.

Twin Ensuite (2 people sharing)

The price includes accommodation for both Module 1 and 2. Price is for each person sharing a twin ensuite room. The single contains 2 single beds.

Quad Ensuite (4 people sharing)

This price covers the cost of accommodation for both Module 1 and 2. You will be sharing an ensuite room with 3 other dancers. There are four single beds in each room.

Twin Room (2 people sharing)

This ticket covers the cost of accommodation for both Module 1 and Module 2. These rooms are situated in block A, B and C where there are 2 bathrooms to share between 6 people. The rooms are not ensuite.

Female Only Dormitory (6 people sharing)

The female only dormitory comes as standard with your ticket for the Spring Dream Dance. This room does not have an en-suite and is situation above the reception near the kitchen and dining hall. If you require a single occupancy or shared room please choose one of the room upgrades.

Trio Ensuite (3 people sharing)

This price covers your accommodation cost for both modules. A larger ensuite bedroom with 3 single beds. You will be sharing with 2 other dancers.