Wed 14 Aug - Mon 26 Aug 2024
Tenuta di Fassia, Via Ponte d’Assi, Umbria, Italy, 06024 Gubbio PG
Italian - italiano and English

We dance on a beautiful wooden dance floor outside resting on a soft lawn, in nature surrounded trees. There is a big wooden hall in which we can practice our conscious dance activities in peace in case of rain. There is a natural lake in which we can swim.

Daily practices are conducted by qualified teachers and musicians. The days begin with a Yoga practice every morning before breakfast.

Every day there are one or more 5Rhythms Dance sessions, with Movement Medicine, Azul, Soul Motion, Ecstatic Dance & Trance Dance sessions and more.. alternating during the programme. In some dance sessions we are accompanied by Rishi Vlote and his live music.

It is possible to receive individual treatments from qualified holistic operators.

The whole programme is optional. It is not necessary to participate in all the activities.

The food will be mainly vegetarian and zero km.

It is fine to just relax, on the lawn, by the lake, in nature or whatever you feel you need to do.

The only obligation is to come for minimum 5 days or for the whole duration of the Festival. This helps to organise the rooms and creates a sense of community while we are together.

Bring your musical instruments, your paints and colours and whatever other creative tools you have that you like to use in your free time.