Sun 25 Feb 2024
La Hermitage hall & The Isis Centre
Bonnie McAteer: Click to Show Email or 07797815760.
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A year long transformational journey for women starting April 2023 .


April 2023- April 2024 Jersey Channel Islands UK

Welcome to a deeply transformative year-long Journey for Women that will take place over 13 moon cycles.

This year-long deep immersion serves as an introduction into a  path of reconnection to the Medicine Woman within you. A profound healing journey home. It offers a compass  and an anchor to your wild and beautiful creative nature, along with welcoming & witnessing the darkness and shadow lands that are part of this voyage home to our true power and sense of belonging.

 In this journey , you will begin to reclaim, activate and remember Ancient Wisdom that will  optimise your well being and embodiment.  As you engage with this medicine, you will receive clarity and revelations as well as potent alchemy.

 Within the ceremonies and with the commitment to integrate the practices you receive, you will find a deep weaving of healing taking place that will ripple into your daily life, you will find and can choose new ways of being that allow you to give from a nourished, sustained cup rather than from feeling burned out or overwhelmed. 

 The Guidance & tools provided within this deep journey home to yourself will equip you with wisdom that you can tangibly integrate into your relationships  & your professional life.

 It will deepen your relationship to Yourself in ways you haven’t experienced before. 

 This highly curated container will potentially amplify your work and offerings in the world, if you already work within the healing arts or as a coach or teacher of any kind. 

 By being skilfully guided and engaging in Embodied Ceremony, Movement Medicine, Womb Wisdom,  Ritual, Somatic Movement, Shamanic Journey, Menstrual Cycle awareness, Cacao Ceremony, Soul Retrieval , Sharing and Wisdom Circles, Art & Journaling work and one to one personal healing.

You will remember ways  that you can tap into your ancestral memory and know that you have the capacity to heal personal trauma as well as your ancestral line by healing your relationship to yourself first.

We will journey through passages looking into the hidden places within our grief, shame, guilt, celebration, reclamation, Leadership, menstrual cycle awareness, embodiment and everything in between. To return from this journey feeling more whole and deeply transformed.

 This Journey is birthed and offered at the time of a great shift & change in our humanity. This work provides a safe and solid space to navigate these times of change and uncertainty and to cultivate practices that support you to transform old self beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you , coming home to a deeper and more centred & connected ground with yourself.

Within the safety and beauty of a strong circle of women new life and ways are born.

 We will explore many powerful practices that will enable you to connect to the elements , to harness your creative & cyclical nature enabling you to live a more empowered, authentic & deeply nourishing existence in harmony with yourself, one another and the wider web of life. 

 This offering is intended to provide you with an orientation into what Embodied  Ceremony, Shamanic Journey , Movement Medicine , Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Living , Womb Awakening is  & Earth based elemental Medicine is actually about. 

To shed light and awareness  on the emerging Archetype of the Medicine Woman and to explore her within ourselves looking into our creative role at this time in birthing a new Earth consciousness through our service and embodiment.

 This workshop is a gateway into both contemporary shamanic practices and ancient Indigenous Earth Based practices as a healing modality that repairs the soul and our sense of belonging, our emotional physical , spiritual sense of wellbeing and  our relations with our Ancestors and to the unbroken spirit that lives within us all.

This is also a holy JOURNEY into Ancient Womb Wisdom &  into new ways of leadership, anchored in the heart and womb rather than the head.This is one of the ways we can bring a sense of connection and restoration to both our internal & external landscapes and to the body of our Earth by returning to the wisdom , potency and healing medicine within our cyclical nature , menstrual cycle our internal  rhythm and instinct and our home coming to nature knowing with all of our heart that we are a force of nature.    

This is the only offering of this kind here in the Channel Islands I feel deeply honoured & excited to share this revolutionary work with you in person.


It is my belief we all come to this Earth with a purpose a unique gift to share , within our current society and upbringing this “gift” often goes un nurtured and unrecognised , this can leave a huge void within us we are left always searching for something never feeling satisfied , this journey is about getting in touch with our true calling and purpose here on this Earth.

This Journey will reconnect you to your core, to the call and longing of your heart ,.....helping you to remember who you are....and what it is you are here to give , what it is that truly matters to you.

This Journey is intended to provide you firstly with tools to heal yourself & your relationship with our Earth Mother and  all we are connected to so you can know and feel you really belong.

As well as provide you with an understanding of the Ways in which Medicine Women and Earth keepers work, harness and commune in partnership with the Sacred. Elements-water, fire , Earth & Air the Elementals, Animal Spirit allies and the Unseen.

Combining embodied ceremony and dance ritual, we weave the threads of the medicine we are gathering into a beautiful tapestry of integration and sharing. 

We journey deep into our inner worlds finding healing as we return to self. We learn how to connect with the eternal forest within and with different  archetypal  allies,  we call to the inner shaman or shamanica deep within where we can draw from the vast  well of this ancient wisdom.

At the Heart of this work is the prayer of the Eagle & Condor. An Ancient  prophecy of a time of great healing where the Indigenous heart wisdom of the south will fly in the same sky in union with the mind of the north.  Indigenous wisdom returning from the elders, a great wave of healing so we may all remember and seek to find our Indigenous soul. remembering our  ceremonies and rituals of community, spirit  and connection and together recreating  them and weaving them  into our world today.    

Workshops/ Ceremonies  will take place on a monthly basis along with monthly tasks, resources and a cycle of 5 online Medicine lodge circles. 

This offering is in no way a full apprenticeship and does not qualify you to perform any type of healing on others or to work with Movement Medicine Ceremony or the work shared with you this is not a training to teach the work. 

It is offered for you to firstly undertake your own journey  with this work & to deepen your understanding & Connection to yourself and your unique blueprint and purpose and to come home to a real sense of recognition that you are an elemental being, widening your sense of ground and belonging.

Yet this will of course empower your offerings and work out in the world. 


Any woman who is ready for a transformational shift in their life and who is willing to choose to stand more fully in her true self and calling.  

This offering is only open to those who are deeply committed to their path of awakening and the full cycle of this workshop.

Any woman who feels drawn to “the pull of this Journey”. who wishes to explore and put into practice these revolutionary practices & tools. 

 Women who are Interested in personal or spiritual development

Women who are Searching for greater meaning and purpose in your life

Women who are yearning for a deeper understanding and embodiment of the Feminine

Mothers , daughters , menstruating women , menopausal women & every woman in between.

 We aim to weave a supportive and safe community of sisterhood within which you can explore deeply the inner forces of your body.

 The initial awakening to this work can sometimes be challenging and catalytic. It is therefore important that you have some personal development skills and sense of personal ground. And the commitment to put in place further  resources in place if you should need it.

 This is transformational work and you need to enter this with the knowledge that you will undergo a shift & change is a given. 

 Now more than ever we need to call on the medicine of practice to help us navigate the unknown and find nourishment, resource, courage , joy and re connection to the unbroken that lives within us.    


You will learn how to-

> Deepen your relationship with yourself, to come home in a profound way and begin to uncover your deep gift and purpose.

> Update your sense of self and bring a more inspired , empowered and dignified understanding to your journey of life so far.

>Begin to transform the past into Medicine

> Invoke an alchemical dynamic of self love and acceptance and a fierce self-inspection to really embody and give everything you have got to this life before you die.

> Connect with the Elements with a real sense of recognition that you are an elemental being, widening your sense of ground and belonging.

>A deeper understanding of Movement Medicine and the transformational power it holds , tools and integration of this work.

>Alchemical Womb Wisdom

> Ground in the Red School menstruality cosmology 

>Forge an intimate and trusting relationship with your  menstrual cycle

>Work with the powers of the menstrual cycle for personal healing,creativity and spiritual awakening

> If you are on the cusp of or have crossed the menopause, you will work retrospectively recovering something of your menstrual cycle story, 

>Be guided into the via negativa – the way of the Feminine

> A deeper understanding of Ceremony & Ritual

>A powerful healing technique to use ( on yourself only ) gifted from Indigenous Inca Paqo ( Shaman ) in the high Andes of Peru

>A deeper understanding of how to make offerings to spirit , to pray in gratitude and remember the power and gift in reciprocity     

> A new and deeper relationship to your own free expression & Dance 

>A healthier body -heart -mind connection to your soul

>Support to find the confidence to be yourself, to communicate , to enjoy life, to feel the depths of both grief & Joy , giving and receiving

 >To begin to feel more alive and connected  

> A deeper awareness & relationship to the wild landscapes within you & connection to the elemental world in the world around you 

> To feel safe & supported in a strong circle of women , to welcome sisterhood and to trust your intuitive instinctive animal nature.

> A deeper understanding into Shamanism & how the extraordinary can be seen and felt in the ordinary. How we can bring the medicine of this work into our day to day relationships with loved ones , family, friends & to the wider community and web of life that we are connected to.  

 In Ceremony and Ritual space we dedicate the harvest or our work in service of life and what really matters to us. In doing so we open the doors of our heart wider & deepen our relationship & connection to the Great Mystery and all that supports this vast majestic web of life.

We warmly welcome you to a journey of homecoming , to recovering the gold hidden within the soul.

A journey of Alchemy.