Mon 22 Jul 2024
This months hub lesson focuses on the Future Gate.

Envision: Life's invitation to create

Each Study Hub lesson explores a gate from the Movement Medicine Mandala. The Hub's monthly lesson structure is made of weekly practices available for members every Monday. You're welcome to join the Hub anytime and no prior Movement Medicine experience is required. All live content is recorded and available for your convenience.

When you hear the word 'future,' what's your response? Susannah and I have recognised that when we were young, we both had a sense of dread about the future. We wanted to change that. Not just for our own benefit but as we developed the understanding that the future, in some part, depends on what we dare to envision, for ourselves, the world we live in and for those who come next.

Hollywood provides more than enough apocalyptic visions of the future. And as we're sure you know (we do go on about it a lot! 😉) stories are powerful. We have come to recognise that it is our responsibility to curate, dream and evolve visions of the future that, whilst not ignoring present realities, create hope which in turn inspires us to be more effective in the present.

This month, join us on a journey as we dare to dream on behalf of all we love.

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