Fri 23 Aug - Sun 25 Aug 2024
Design Camp - Sobole Poland, Sobole, Poland, 21-307
Marta Dratwa-Wasyłek: Click to Show Email or +48 502 18 45 35.

Join us for a unique event - the Movement Medicine 24 Hour Ceremony - a dance community gathering of Movement Medicine in nature, for a celebration of life and all our relationships.
We invite you to come together to dance as a group, cultivating a sense of community and strength in shared action. This event is charitable in nature - in that we combine the power of our hearts and actions with a common intention to fuel the power of rebirth in and around us.
An important aspect of this gathering is its community dimension. We invite you not only to participate, but also to actively co-create this gathering. On site, we will share established roles related to the preparation and care of the Ceremony space in order to strengthen the community through interaction. Your donation will be give to one of 4 charity goals. If you want to learn more contact us at

[email protected]

This ceremony will be held by 4 Movement Medicine Teachers in Poland - myself Marta Dratwa-Wasyłek, Anna Sierpowska, Tatiana Cichocka, Maciej Witt.