Invoking power, presence and purpose at the core of who you are
Ya’Acov Darling Khan
March 2020 (Hay House)

About Shaman

In "Shaman: Invoking Power, Presence, and Purpose at the Core of Who You Are," Ya'Acov guides readers on a transformative exploration to uncover the "inner shaman."

"Shaman" begins by defining the fundamentals of shamanism, a spiritual discipline promoting deep connections with nature, community, our ancestors, through an embodied experience of Self. Ya’Acov underscores the significance of shamanic principles in contemporary life and advocates for the acceptance of vulnerability and humility as the ground for personal power, and effectiveness in bringing what matters most to us to the forefront of our lives.

The book's nucleus revolves around the "inner shaman." The author provides practical guidance to tap into this aspect of consciousness through the Movement Medicine practice he and his wife have developed over 40 years. Ya’Acov urges readers to honor their inner shaman, nurturing a deeper comprehension of their place in the world.

The inspirational narrative offers a fresh perspective on human existence. It emphasises our intrinsic bond with the natural world and our capacity to alchemise our personal, familial and ancestral stories into medicine or strength for living our lives. By embarking on this journey, readers will be invited to take another step into their power and responsibilities as conscious, creative human beings.

"Shaman" is an invaluable resource for those eager to grasp the relevance of shamanism to the modern world. The book serves as a comprehensive guide to integrating the power, purpose, and presence of the inner shaman into daily existence.

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Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Shaman & Movement Medicine™ Founder

Ya'Acov Darling Khan is a renowned shaman, best-selling author, and co-founder of Movement Medicine. Born in Liverpool, Ya'Acov embarked on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, after he was hit by lightning on a golf course in his early 20’s, that led him to study with indigenous shamans across the globe.

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you'll learn how to:

Encounter the inner shaman and safely set up ritual space for your work.
Work with the Tree of Life and the Three Worlds.
Meet the ‘Unbroken’ elemental power of nature and strengthen the foundations of who you are.
Work with and heal your sexual energy to enhance your creativity in all areas of life.
Discover the dance of emotion to access the power and sensitivity of ‘the shaman’s heart’.
Use potent tools to transform the past into potent medicine for the present.
Work with inner shaman’s guide to relationship.
Find guidance to fully take part in changing the dream of the modern world.
Experience your life as an initiatory shamanic journey from birth to death.
Visit ‘the infinite well’ and deepen your relationship to the source of life.

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A gentle spirit suffuses this book, which nonetheless brooks no nonsense. - Charles Eisenstein
The practices that Ya’Acov is sharing with you are strong medicine and they will support you to meet or deepen your connection to the Inner Shaman. They can show you the necessary changes you need to make in your life in relationship to yourself, others, the community of life, your ancestors and guides and to the source of life itself so that future generations can survive and thrive in this world. - From the foreword by Manari Kaji Ushigua Santi, Shaman and Leader of the Sápara Nation of the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador
This book is a masterpiece. Ya'Acov's words move me to tears. It is THE book that needs to be read and heard precisely at this time and beyond - for the sake of our ancestors, ourselves, and most importantly, for our descendants. - Carrie Branovan