17 June 2024
1 min read

And it always is, however which way you do it - bringing body heart and mind together in the movement of life is so good...

One possibility is to join us on the Movement Medicine Study Hub and access the new Mini Embodiment Practice (plus all the others) plus the new Solstice ceremony ready for you to dance whenever you wish, plus so much else!

Do check out all the amazing Movement Medicine Professionals who have trained with us, offering their particular movement medicine in so many creative and deep ways and forms places in the world. Training with us is not a fast lightweight thing, but requires deep and sustained commitment and learning. These are well trained people and we are so proud of them all.

And do check out our new Events calendar, bringing all Movement Medicine offerings together in one easy to navigate calendar:

And you can always simply buy a ticket for the Solstice ceremony and dance to the recording (as we will) whenever you want.. go deep... share with friends across the world - press play at the same time, dance together no zoom, share afterwards. Remember, if you are a Movement Medicine Study Hub member you don't need to buy a ticket, you're already there... (just look under Ceremonies on your home page) - but if do you need a ticket, its easy:

Love and wishing you good dancing, wherever and however,

Susannah Darling Khan

PS, if you do join the Hub, or if you are already on it, check out the newly refreshed Hub Tour; clear, kind and inspiring about how to use the Hub to support the dance of your life and the life of your dance.

Susannah Darling Khan

Susannah's life is dedicated to the quest for a world where beauty and compassion flourish....