29 October 2019
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We recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Here are some extracts from our posts on Facebook about it. Thanks for all the support and love we’ve received over this anniversary. We feel it, appreciate it and are supported by it. At the same time we’ve found ourselves challenged to look at how much we live up (and not) to the story about where we have got to as a couple. All of that is very useful, thank you!

Much love,

Susannah and Ya’Acov

Thursday 3rd October, Susannah: ”This morning I heard myself say to a neighbour: "on Saturday we'll be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary". She said: "That's more or less how long I've been alive! How does that feel?" I said, "Oh my god... I don't know... it sounds like a really long time, like we must be grown up!" I'm still trying to wrap my head 'round the mystery of time and space, and, most importantly, loving this man, my incredible husband, and what we are experiencing together as we grow side by side and get to know each other and ourselves more. Long term relationship is a wonderfully rigorous teacher. I'm very grateful that we have stayed through the rough patches (and there have been some intense ones) and now are in another level of harvest.”

Wednesday 2nd October, Ya’Acov: "On Saturday, Susannah and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage (33 together). Amazing grace. It appears that the best things in life, like safety and intimacy, the growth of trees, and dreams coming into manifestation, take time.”

Saturday 5th October, Susannah and Ya'Acov: “It's our 30th wedding anniversary today and we wanted to pass on our gratitude for the warmth our community has been expressing towards us as a couple. Thank you, it's delightful! And we wanted to share an encouragement, something like; "It's worth it to love and it's worth it to be real." In our experience, it's worth finding the people you can be real with and finding the courage, care and skill to be real with the people you are with and likewise support them to be real with you. Through that, you can grow together, by making it safe to acknowledge both the bigness and the smallness of who you both/all are. When the whole spectrum can be welcomed, the light can shine.”

Susannah Darling Khan

Susannah's life is dedicated to the quest for a world where beauty and compassion flourish....