Sat 26 Oct - Sun 3 Nov 2024
9:00 pm (UK Time)
Finca Argayall-La Gomera, baranco de Argaga, La Gomera, Canary Islands, E38870
English and German - Deutsch

Find your connection to the earth. Root yourself. Follow your feet.
Express your fire.
Dive into the ocean of your emotions.
Dance until your feet grow wings and your soul feels free to fly.
In the six days of this workshop we will  come together in person and make the dance floor our sanctuary. As a group we will create a sacred space and and enjoy the magic of reconnecting and resourcing ourselves. In the wild, powerful nature setting of Argayall  we will be dancing with the elements as allies and explore the roots of the Movement Medicine® Mandala: All our relations!

Next to movement and dancing our work will include time in nature and  rituals to establish a connection to Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

While grounding with the Earth we deepen the relationship with Self. The shining light of the Fire will help us illuminate our relating to Others. In the fluid, creative chaos of the Water we play the possibilities of new ways to live community. The Wind and Air will help us reach up and out into the world of Spirit and Ancestors. And as we create that strong medicine wheel around us and stand aligned in the center of our own circle, we might find in the still center the experience of this presence that we recognize as Source.