- Part Two

A Basket Full of Medicine

A self-study online course
with Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Part Two

The Inner Shaman walks between the worlds of so-called dream and so-called reality. They are an enigmatic character, living out on the edge of the psyche, entranced by the artistry and mystery of life. 
In Part Two, we'll work with the Inner Shaman’s relationship to sexual energy, the animal intelligence of the Shaman’s heart, Vicious circles and medicine circles, and the Movement Medicine alchemy of turning lead into gold. This all adds up to a deepening of your relationship to the Inner Shaman and the basket full of medicine that they hold already within you.

For committed seekers

If you are committed to the ongoing discovery of who you are, the development of your medicine, and embracing life’s challenges, then this journey is for you.

It is not for space cadets who think shamanism is an out-of-body experience reserved for the special few. If you are determined to make the very most of your life, embracing the challenges and opportunities that life brings as creatively and with as much dignity as possible, then this course is for you.

turning lead into gold

the structure

Having met your Inner Shaman in Part One , we’re going to hunt and gather the medicine they need to make the strongest impact possible in your day-to-day. The structure will follow the step-by-step teachings in SHAMAN, Ya’Acov Darling Khan’s book, published by Hay House in Spring 2020.

Quality Teachings

Liberating structures to deepen your relationship with the Inner Shaman.

Audio Recordings

An evocative 20 minute audio introducing the theme for each module.

The Art of Ritual

Precise guidance creating down-to-earth, relevant, contemporary ritual.

Engaged Shamanism

A wise and well-tested approach to shamanic practice.

Encounter Part 2 will Empower you to:

Deepen your trust in and relationship with the Inner Shaman.
Develop an embodied understanding of how the Inner Shaman works with sexual energy for healing.
Work with the Animal Intelligence of the Inner Shaman’s Heart.
Learn how to shift your state from Vicious Circle to Medicine Circle through working with Movement Medicine archetypes.
Learn the alchemical process of turning the lead of old stories into the gold of here and now presence.
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Your Medicine Basket

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working with ya'acov

the journey

To encounter the Inner Shaman and discover what they know is not reserved for some special brand of human being. They are as down to earth as you can get whilst remaining connected to the stars. They walk the bridge between how we imagine life to be and how it actually is. Discovering them is a matter of choice, practice, determination and often, humour.


To prepare you for the journey ahead, the preparation module gives you all that you'll need to make the most of the journey

Tender & Wild

Since everyone coming to Encounter Part Two will have completed Part One, let’s start in the deep end shall we? For the Inner Shaman, sexual energy is the unbroken force of life itself. It is the source of their personal power and it is sacred, embodied and available not just for procreation, but for the whole art of manifestation in life.

The Animal Intelligence of the Shaman’s Heart

Module two focuses on your emotional intelligence. For the Inner Shaman, all the different expressions of the heart are like weather. And though they may prefer one weather to another, they understand fully that all weathers are necessary for a healthy human life enriched by relationship with the world around them.

Vicious Circles

In modules 4 & 5, we move into the realm of the archetypal. In a world in which we are educated to feel sorry for ourselves and to live inside the story of our own disempowerment, the Inner Shaman works to change this perpetual drain on their energy. For themselves yes. But also, for all that they love.

Medicine Circles

‘Name it to tame it’ is a useful phrase for the Inner Shaman. Having bravely entered the painful roles of the Vicious circle, it's time for some medicine. The strength of the Inner Shaman is the direct result of the alchemical blend of The Wounded Healer, The Dancing Warrior, The Dancing Fool and The Wise Elder. In this module, our work will be to discover the powerful potential of how this works in you.

Lead into Gold Ceremony

Module Five is focused on the ceremonial, alchemical process that is now available to you through this Basket Full of Medicine. For the Inner Shaman, lead (meaning the poison that we carry from our unhealed experience and that of our families and ancestors) is nothing more than an invitation to create gold. Gold symbolises the stability and personal power of self-knowledge or the gold of the soul. From this ground, the Inner Shaman is ready to take responsibility for their lives.

Integration And Completion

Module six is where we bring all the elements of Encounter Part Two together, assess what we have learned, and turn our focus towards the road ahead. How might the Inner Shaman become an even deeper ally in all areas of your life: health, embodiment, ritual and dreaming, relationship and of course, your contribution to the world? What might be your next steps on the path? Integration is the way to bring the course experience into the dance of everyday life. The Inner Shaman knows that how we end one thing is how we begin the next. And so, completion and integration, are the most important ones on the journey so far.
In honour of your learning journey, you'll receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
Encounter Part 3
Once you've completed Encounter Part 2, you will be eligible for the 3rd and final part of this shamanic odyssey. Encounter Part 3 is called 'Dreaming the Power of Harvest' and will combine Parts 3 & 4 of Ya’Acov’s book 'Shaman'. 
“‘The Inner Shaman in you is connected through the body to your roots, through your heart to your Self, others and the world around you, through your eyes and hands to the aliveness of the space you move through and through your imagination, to the unseen behind the visible, the unheard behind the spoken, and the unbroken that holds it all.” 
- Excerpt from Shaman.

ya'acov darling khan

Ya'Acov has been studying and practicing shamanism all his life. When he was 21, he was hit by lightning and through this, began a three-decade-long journey of initiation. He has been recognised as a practicing shaman by Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition), and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon. Together with his wife Susannah, he is the Co-Creator of Movement Medicine, a contemporary and dynamic shamanic practice designed to support people from all walks of life to be who they are and give what they’ve got.
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from the community

Over the years, we have worked together in my village and in the UK, where every year I join Ya’Acov and Susannah’s Long Dance ceremony. So I have come to know him both as a friend and as a very genuine and compassionate shaman. He has put his knowledge in the service of healing through music, sound and movement, and leads very powerful ceremonies that transform thousands of people, helping them to deal with their suffering and answer their most important questions. He is a great healer who has helped me in my shamanic spiritual growth.

Manari Ushigua, Shaman of the Sapara people of the Ecuadorean Amazon

Encounter on-line has been a precious meeting with my inner shaman as well as been seen and heard by the community. All aspects were gold to me to encounter this archetype of the inner shaman. Big respect and thank you

Veronique, Encounter Part 1 Participant

I received the wisdom of the ancestral lineage, the tools for rituals, and the tree of life... ooh so good! The connection back to the body, feeling the earth, the elements…so beautiful and so powerful. Noticing the fear of my own fire, my own inner power, inner warrior. To connect to that strength…to that potential… to feel free, alive, full of joy. Supa blessed to have joined this gathering and circle!!

Danji, Encounter Part 1 Participant

With Ya'Acov, creating and holding this sacred space and announcing the steps and filling them with life, I could go very deep into, strengthen and intensify my connection to the elements, the ancestors, the tree of life and the lower and the upper world, the Universal Shaman, the Unbroken and to my Inner Shaman... and for me, personally, the most valuable aspect is, that I could clarify my purpose in life and to develop the certainty that I am held and supported by my Inner Shaman to fulfill this purpose

Christl, Encounter Part 1 Participant
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