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The Shaman's Drum

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Ya’Acov has been working with the shaman’s drum for more than 25 years. In this course, he shares some of the fundamentals of working with the drum as well as guiding you on a shamanic journey to meet the apparently opposite powers of the jaguar and the butterfly.

Course Overview

In the three short modules, you will learn:

  • The basics about the power of the drum from master shamanic drummer Ya’Acov Darling Khan
  • Learn about the mother beat and the father beat and bring them together, a powerfully grounding and healing meditation
  • Gain confidence to use the drum as a tool for meditation, prayer and increasing your sense of presence

Benefits of working with the shaman’s drum:

  • A more focused mind
  • Deep relaxation that grows from that focus
  • More of a sense of rhythm in your body
  • A good way to check in with yourself
  • An ancient way to speak to the nature around you
  • An excellent way to feel more connected inside to outside with the imaginal world

Thanks again for joining us on this journey.


Ya’Acov Darling Khan