Bonnie McAteer

MM Professional Teacher
Based in Jersey, United Kingdom
MM Qualifications
Apprenticeship 2012
Professional Training 2013
Graduation 2018
Heart & SEER CPD 2016
Ceremony CPD 2017
Initiation CPD 2018
Phoenix CPD 2019
Apprenticeship CPD 2022
Formats Offered
Year Long Groups
Weekend Workshops
Day long Ceremonies
Online workshops

Bonnie McAteer

Bonnie is a Medicine Woman & fully graduated Movement Medicine teacher who has been in a deep shamanic apprenticeship for over 13yr working with this body of work since 2009 and has trained to an advanced level.
She is a Ceremonial leader deeply committed to the sacred landscapes of the wild unbroken spirit of life, & to the transformational healing power of dance to reclaim our power that has been lost within the wounds of the past and turn that into medicine to reconnect to our wild self and true heart.
She weaves in deep teachings she has gathered from intense Initiations in the Amazon Rainforest & with learnings from an ongoing training with an ancient lineage of Quero Inca Paqo/shaman of the high Andes mountains in Peru.
Bonnie has also undergone a 9 month leadership training in Menstruality & is a
Red School Menstruality mentor she weaves deeply within her work the wisdom and power of our womb & cyclical living. Bonnie is a shamanic healer-mentor , wife, mother of a beautiful teenage daughter and a baby boy , lover of life & the sacred.

Bonnie holds ceremonial space & workshops locally in the Channel Islands Uk. At present she is holding a year long Medicine Woman Movement Journey for Women in Jersey. She travels internationally to teach also & has taught Movement Medicine Ceremonial workshops in; Thailand at The Sanctuary and - Orion Healing Centres, India Goa, Ceremonial workshops at Boom festival in Portugal, performed alongside international musicians from the US such as Liquid Bloom and led journeys alongside Peia and other medicine singers at Dan-Sing festival in the UK.

“Bonnie is a wild spirit, who has travelled far and wide journeying across continents and vast inner worlds to bring the medicine home”.

I dedicate my life to The Heart & Spirit of the Forest. To our return to the unbroken landscapes within & to the great remembering of humanity, awakening to the sheer Majesty & heart of life......... Birthing a new dawn.

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"Wow. What a beautiful, rare & wonderful gift. This work is powerful beyond measure yet also gentle & playful. Bonnie holds such an exquisite deep & loving space, creating a sacred container for all that arises, within us. From the strong magic of the Amazonian plant teachers to the high high clarity of the Andean Mountain spirits, the energies Bonnie brings through are nothing short of miraculous in their transformation. The light that this medicine unlocks & the homecoming was visible within us all." - Erin Osborn- Maine USA