Tue 9 Jul 2024 - Mon 14 Jul 2025
Llaneglwys, near Brecon,, Wales, United Kingdom
Keef Wesolowski Miles: Click to Show Email or 447834703127.

12 Month Nature Rooted Embodiment Programme

This is a  unique opportunity to study deeply with Keef  & Aluna Wesolowscy-Miles, supported by Zama Coulling and Kikaldi Ayres. All four are initiates of The Path of the Great Mother and the Four Elements and the teachings of XamAM Alba Maria, Terra Mirim, Bahia, Brazil. Keef is also a Movement Medicine Teacher and Shamanic Soul Guide.

Together we will follow the golden soul thread of our own paths, walking - singing, dancing, working, playing, laughing, crying, praying - alongside one another as we orientate to the refuge of our own hearts at the centre of our own circles, held in the embrace of Mother Earth, Father Sun, Luminous Moon, Stars, The Elements and our ‘more than human’ Nature Allies. This is a journey of healing, wholeness and soul initiation. This is the path of the Inner Shaman  - The Wounded Healer, The Dancing Warrior, The Dancing Fool and the Wise Elder. This is a Whole Soul Encounter, a Mythopoetic Odyssey in which we will dive deep, dance with our shadows, cultivate our resource fullness and strengthen our circle of medicine, power, protection, integrity and creativity.

Together we will co-create a safe and intimate container of being and belonging in a community with freedom and unity.  We will envision and embody - from incantation to incarnation - a fulfilling and creative life empowered with integrity, passion, purpose, patience, the poetry of presence and the power of love. A life aligned with soul, wisdom and fierce compassion; a life in which aliveness, sensitivity, sensuality and somatic intelligence are primary; a life infused with gratitude, ceremony and celebration; a life where the rivers of grief and sorrow lead to an ocean of love and where joy, ecstasy, awe and wonder are moment to moment happenings in the process of being whole hearted human animals.

We will gather together around the sacred fire, rooted in soul and inspired by the wild elemental beauty of The Brecon Beacons in South Wales. We will commune with the medicines of movement, collaboration, ceremony and sharing. Through powerful embodiment practices and shamanic rituals we will explore the stories from our past that impact our life in the present and start to discern which narratives are ready to be rewritten, released, retrieved or seeded for future dreams.  We will open portals of possibility for deepening presence, passion, responsible power and the realisation and actualisation of our latent potentials.

This is the path of The Elemental Heart Warrior, where the elements are recognised as resourcing teacher allies within us and all around us, with whom we are in relationship. Movement and music are medicine, somatic intelligence is medicine, connection is medicine, community and relationship is medicine, nature is medicine, emotional and creative expression is medicine, courage and vulnerability are medicine, freedom and unity are medicine, play and laughter are medicines, trust and patience are medicine, innocence and wisdom are medicine, commitment, communication and accountability are medicine, witnessing and being witnessed is medicine, gratitude, awe and wonder are medicine, unapologetic responsible power is medicine and L-O-V-E is the greatest medicine of all.

We will generate the fire of integrity, passion, potency, fierce compassion and power-beside. We will cultivate the ground, the earth of the awakening, presence, awareness, vitality, sensitivity and sensuality. We learn to release the waters of surrender, go with the flow, cleanse, purify, feel deeply and let go of all that no longer serves life. We will breathe with the expansive air of gratitude, respect and reciprocity, open to awe and wonder, insight, vision and the capacity to fly with our feet on the ground. We will open up to the possibility of becoming a channel for grace, authentic compassion, embodied wisdom and loving kindness. We will work with the ‘arc of integrity’  - preparation, process and integration -  in order to maximise the safety and efficacy of our journeys and the congruence and sustainability of our transformations.

We see all of life as sacred and we strive to make choices in our thoughts, words and actions that honour our children, our elders, our ancestors and all of life.

The Core:

Movement Medicine
Shamanic Dynamics
Cabana Sweat Lodges
Burial Ceremonies
Wild Nature Vision Immersions
Teacher Plants, Animals and other Natural Allies
Natural Source Resourcing
Community Medicine Circles
Wild Soul Mentoring