Sat 11 May 2024
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm (UK Time)
Yama Studios, 7 Milnbank Street, Glasgow, G31 1AQ


Movement Medicine® is a movement meditation to music that helps us find a new way, helps us rediscover more of ourselves and reclaim our body’s domain. Your body is your true home and its telling you something important. Learn how to listen and honour your needs.

These Saturday Intensives in the first half of the year with Susan will lead you through the 5 fundamental practice of Movement Medicine®. These practices will help you listen to your body and honour its needs.

Yin/Yang/Yung will give us space to look at opposites and the energy of giving and receiving, the doing and being of life and the meeting place of both.

Susan will offer these Intensives on the 2nd Saturday of each month from January through to May 2024 and they will cost £18 (please ask for discount code if you need it, we would much prefer you were dancing rather than hoping to and not afford to). Looking forward to seeing you soon!