Thu 11 Apr 2024
10:00 am - 11:15 am (UK Time)
Petra Bongartz: Click to Show Email.
This event ended on Thu 11 Apr 2024.

An Embodied Listening Circle to

Resource through simple somatic practices
Share and hold our personal and collective grief together in community
Cultivate communities of care
Find wisdom, connection and healing in listening to and being with each other

Whether your heart is broken and breaking due to personal losses or the times of crisis and challenge we are living through, you are welcome in this circle.

This is for you if you

move between numbness and overwhelm in response to current crises, be they ecological, socio-political or personal
feel alone with your despair, hopelessness or unease
lack spaces where you can speak freely and be met with presence and compassion
wish to explore what happens when we show up authentically with each other in a safely held space
want to be part of an authentic co-creation of community

The circle will include:

A gentle somatic practice to bring us into the body and into presence with each other
A listening circle where each person has the opportunity to share from the heart
A clear structure and agreements that create a safe space
The occasional poem that speaks to related themes

This is a safe space and an opportunity to

be witnessed, heard, received
experience the gentle holding of community
explore what happens when you let yourself speak from your heart
cultivate presence with self and other
practice being with what is difficult, together, in community

This is not

about fixing or discussing solutions
a space to give advice
a substitute for therapy or other one-to-one support

Everybody is welcome.

Any questions, email me [email protected]

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