Fri 3 Nov 2023
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm (GMT)
This event ended on Fri 3 Nov 2023.

Samhain Ceremony

Online ceremonies occur eight times a year to align us with the seasons and cycles of the year. These events are a space to let go, dance your socks off and embody your prayers. If you're new to Movement Medicine these ceremonies are a wonderful way to get a feel for what it's all about - Everyone is welcome! Hosted inside the Study Hub, you can purchase a single ticket if you're not a member. Or become a member and take advantage of all the benefits of the Study Hub including all online ceremonies and Study Hub lessons.

In the Darkness, the Light

ALL PROFITS FROM THIS CEREMONY WILL GO TO THE PARENTS CIRCLE FOR RECONCILIATION & PEACE IN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE: Huge courage from parents on both sides who have lost children and who refuse violence as the answer to their pain. 

A Movement Medicine Ceremony for PEACE

“It is an undeniable truth that the time has come to change the situation. This region has endured too much pain, too much bloodshed, and too many tears. It is a moment for all parties involved to reflect on the senselessness of this continued conflict and to recognize the shared humanity that binds us all.”

At this time of great suffering in the Middle East, coinciding with time of the year when the veil between the worlds is said to be at its thinnest, we will invite our ancestors to support us in dedicating the ceremony as a prayer for justice and peace for all. 

Samhain is traditionally a time for strengthening our experiential connecting with the spirits or the imaginal world, including our descendants. For that reason, we will pay particular attention to inviting a deeper connection with that which supports and guides us so we can be as creative, grounded and present in our response to what life is bringing.

You can expect clear guidance, excellent music and a powerful, resourced embodied journey into the healing realms of movement as medicine. 

We very much look forward to seeing you there. Ya'Acov & Susannah DK

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For those who wish, you can have the interactive experience through the zoom link. There will also be an integration session all together in one zoom room with Susannah and Ya'Acov afterwards. For those who wish to be more private, tune into the stream, link up to some good speakers and let's do this and lift up an embodied prayer that echoes through the roots, trunk and branches of the Tree of Life.


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As always, this event will be recorded so if you can't join us live you can enjoy it in your own time.

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