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Are you longing for a sense of peace in your day to day life?

This is an opportunity for you to find pleasure in your moving body, to nourish yourself as a gentle home coming to your being, a space to be genuine. With soft and gentle embodied guidance, I create safety for you, to be able to express your uniqueness.

You will receive time in sacred space, a deep remembrance of dancing as prayer for you to strengthen your relationship with your self, your body, your mind and your emotions. This is supporting you to bring your awareness to what is moving in you moment by moment, to find peace inside and support with what is going on in your life.

As you come home to your body in your dance, you might realise how you tend to forget to pay attention to it throughout your day.

Welcome into a, spacious, compassionate dance space, in the comfort of your home, with beautiful nourishing music, with genuine authentic guidance, infused with the powerful presence of the wild nature of Iceland and with a loving companionship.

You don´t need any qualification to join, only a YES in your heart, an open mind and a moving body.