Fri 2 Aug 2024
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm (UK Time)

Lammas Ceremony

Online ceremonies occur eight times a year to align us with the seasons and cycles of the year. These events are a space to let go, dance your socks off and embody your prayers. If you're new to Movement Medicine these ceremonies are a wonderful way to get a feel for what it's all about - Everyone is welcome! Hosted inside the Study Hub, you can purchase a single ticket if you're not a member. Or become a member and take advantage of all the benefits of the Study Hub including all online ceremonies and Study Hub lessons.


The Movement Medicine Lammas Tribal Heart Ceremony is a transformative event designed to celebrate the spirit of community and the abundance of the Earth. This immersive experience weaves together Movement Medicine practice with the spirit of the dance to honor the traditional harvest festival of Lammas. 

We invite you to take your place in this global village and be part of creating a powerful collective energy that fosters deep connections, healing, and embodied prayer aligned with the season. The ceremony invites you to embrace the richness of life, nourish your soul, and awaken your own heart.

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