Every 2 weeks on Thursday until May 23, 2024
6:00 pm (CET)
Except: Thu 28 Mar 2024 (Starts 6:00 pm).
Magnet Kozossegi Haz, Andrassy ut. 98., Budapest, Hungary, 1062
English (United Kingdom) and Hungarian - magyar
This event ended on Thu 15 Feb 2024.

This ongoing group wants to offer resources: the goal is to build our own internal resources and at the same time the power of the community is a resource that we can lean into, move freely and rest in, no matter how we are. That all the lightning, thunder, silent rain, rainbow and radiant sunshine of our  hearts find space and a home in our bodies.

The basis of our practice is the Movement Medicine Heart Mandala, which accompanies us in the spaces of our hearts with the support of the elements. We work with core emotions to better understand ourselves and the function of our emotions; and to discover the resource that lies within our feelings.

Earth - Fear - Chamber of Awakening: stability, security, instinctive vitality; an alert and open existence.

Fire - Anger - Chamber of Integrity: the warmth of fire, the clarity of light, self-expression, protection, courage, standing up for what is important to us, commitment.

Water - Sadness - Chamber of Surrender: flowing, liquid qualities; the cleansing and washing power of water; letting go, giving in, trusting, surrendering to the present moment.

Air - Joy - Chamber of Gratitude: breath, lightness, indulgence, generosity, gratitude, curiosity, playfulness.

Ether - Compassion - Chamber of Grace: the simple space of love, in which everything fits, in which everything has a place.