Sat 10 Feb 2024
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (CET)
Kaya T. Sertic: Click to Show Email.
This event ended on Sat 10 Feb 2024.

(This ceremony will be guided in ENG language).

Every part of our existence is weaved with relationships. The ones we have with our selves, with others, with our families, friends, and communities we belong to, connections to nature, animals, landscapes, sun above us, earth below us, and in our bones, incredible waters that gift us in so many ways, the air that we breath. The relationship with were we come from, our ancestors, the spirit world, and the unseen support. And of course, the first and last relationship, the one that is silver lining to all other - our relationship with the Source.

Even though connections are present everywhere around us, it doesn't mean they have the same taste, same feeling, or that is easy for us to connect. Sometimes it is hard work, and other times it comes as natural as the breath. Yet, all of them ask for our attention, our presence and our dedication in order to unfold in the richest aspects of our lives.

In this ceremony we will put our focus on what makes us connect to the ones we love, how do we keep those connections strong, healthy, loving and passionate and what can we do to soften, give and receive, and be there where it matters to us.

This ceremony is open for everyone interested and wanting to dance, no prior experience is needed.

See you on the dance floor!


Price for the online ceremony is 15€.
Applications are open until February 9.

Application is complete after filling out the form and paying full price.(info on payment after filling out the form)form).

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About Movement Medicine ceremony

Movement Medicine is a deep contemporary shamanic practice that brings us back into connection. It is a reminder of who we are and what matters to us in this Life. In Movement Medicine ceremony we focus our intention from our everyday lives towards the awareness of our spiritual and material existence, towards what matters to us, and towards something that is greater than us.

Ceremony does not ask for specific beliefs. It is about engaging in our dance and having a direct personal experience.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out at [email protected]