Fri 6 Jun - Sun 8 Jun 2025
6:00 pm (UK Time)
Bruch Turnhalle Zahringerstrasse 16, Lucerne
English and German - Deutsch
Marco Unternaher: +41412289010.
CHF 345 - CHF 385

Deepen Your Connection to Your Sacred Dream and Embrace a Life of Fulfilment

Would you like to refine and evolve the sense of the purpose that guides your life? Do you long to connect more regularly with something greater than yourself, and to tap into the mystery at the heart of life? Divining Purpose is a new workshop created by Ya’Acov to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection at this potent time close to the Solstice.

In a world where distractions abound and there are so many paradigms telling you who to be and how to live, finding your purpose can feel like a fierce pressure in what are already challenging times. At the same time, life is a miracle and a living it without a real and embodied connection to your soul purpose is one of the deepest causes of human suffering.

Purpose is the North Star that guides your existence. It's the compass that gives your life direction and meaning. Without it, confusion reigns. But through the power of rhythm and the artistry of the dancer in you, you can discover and develop soul-based purpose that connects you to a higher power.  This infuses life with a clear sense of direction and fulfilment.

In this workshop, we will: 

·       Dive deep into the Movement Medicine practice, with fantastic beats, and clear guidance

·       Invite your dancing spirit to support you to know yourself and your medicine more 

·       Through deep, interoceptive listening, and the opportunity to let yourself be moved by the beat, take the time to evolve your embodied sense of core values and purpose                                      

·       Bring all of this into Movement Medicine ceremony to discover more of what is yours to contribute to this magnificent miracle of life in a body on earth 

As the sun comes to the height of its power, this is a great time for illuminating where you are in your life, with your body-heart-mind as the compass for your soul, you'll deepen your awareness of the divine purpose that lies within you.