Fri 21 Jun - Sun 23 Jun 2024
Llaneglwys, near Brecon,, United Kingdom
Keef Wesolowski Miles: Click to Show Email or 447834703127.
This event ended on Sun 23 Jun 2024.

Weekend Shamanic Immersion.

Guided by Keef & Aluna Wesolowscy-Miles.

Summer Solstice - Full Moon Gathering

At this time of the Radiant Sun and Luminous Moon, we invite you to commune with nature, community and ceremony - to awaken the potential that your imaginal cells are dreaming into being. This is the portal of the Summer Solstice, when the sun is at its brightest and the moon is pregnant with possibilities.

Together we will journey through two powerful gateways:

FRIDAY - Full Moon Awakening The Wild Cabana Sweat Lodge

We will invoke the holding of the Great Mother to nourish us deeply and Grandmother Spider to weave the threads of healing, to mend what is broken and strengthen the unbroken, to remind us our interconnection through the web of life. We will invite the luminosity of the Full Moon to inspire us to live our dreams and call on the archetypal Father Energy of the Solstice Sun to encourage us to take the next steps on our journey.

SATURDAY - Summer Solstice Awakening The Heart Movement Medicine Ceremony, Rose Blessing and Nature Vision Meditation. We will release and resource a little more with essential Movement Medicine practices, spend some time day dreaming in the silence and sings of nature whilst communing with the energy of the flowers, the birds and the four elements before returning to community to celebrate and dedicate, as we dance our gratitudes and shine the light of the torch of life that we each carry - individually and together.

SUNDAY, resting blessings and integration time.

You are so welcome to join us !


Awakening Potential weekends are introductory Awakening The Wild immersions. They provide an opportunity to dive into nature and community and a chance to experience some of the deeper shamanic practices, rituals and ceremonies that constitute our intensive immersions. Aluna and Keef welcome you to explore awakening your true potential.

Movement Medicine
Cabana Sweat Lodge
Shamanic Dynamics
Natural Soul Resourcing
Community Medicine Circles

They are unique opportunities to explore being in community and to experience the medicine of nature-based spirituality, various shamanic-embodiment practices, singing, dancing, working, playing, eating and praying together.