Sat 29 Jun 2024
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What is Wild Soul ReSourcing?

1-1 Somatic Soul Mentoring + Movement Medicine ®

Guidance with emphasis on 'soul'
Movement Medicine ® - embodied shamanic practices
Empathic embodied listening
Intuitive guidance with fierce and tender compassion
Cultivating emotional intelligence and embodied compassion
Discovering personal and relational empowerment
Engaging with your psycho-emotional and spiritual wholeness and healing
Transforming reactivity into response-ability
Revealing the present, healing the past
Receiving vision dreaming the life
Participation  with purpose - living the dream
Harnessing  your natural creative gifts

​Programme 1 - Incantation to Incarnation

5 Modules - 21 Mentoring + 21 Embodiment Sessions

The primary focus of the 1-1 Somatic Soul Mentoring + Movement Medicine®

The journey is 3 fold - ‘soul revelation’, ‘soul retrieval’ and ‘soul cultivation’. It is all about creative energetic evolution through deep imaginal journeying, Movement Medicine, self-enquiry and feedback with fierce and tender compassion.

The ‘soul revelation’ piece is about learning to listen to and feel deeper into all that is asking to be felt, expressed, alchemised, dreamed and realised from the depth of your being human. It is about learning practices, processes, rituals and ceremonies that enable you to access elements of your innate mythopoetic identity, your soul song, your unique and magnificent essence.
The ‘soul retrieval’ part is about accessing potential life energy, power and creativity that is locked up in your conditioned stories about yourself, the world and all of life. The gifts in our wounds, the gold in our suffering.  It is about utilising this ‘retrieved’ revitalising  energy as a nourishing resource and inspiration to rewrite or reVISION the stories that you tell about yourself, others, the world, your past, present and future in more life-affirming and empowering ways.
The ‘soul cultivation’ aspect is about stepping through portals of possibility and awakening potential within us. It is about developing and embedding practices, processes, rituals, ceremonies and stories into our movement to moment, day to day life that weave golden threads of remembrance and incarnation into our being.

Primarily this ‘remembrance’ is the recognition that we all have, and have always had, a vast reservoir of resourcing, creativity, vitality and medicine available to us in any given moment that can nourish us through the inevitable cycles, waves and spirals that make up the terrain of our personal path as a human being.

The ‘incarnation’ part is about active participation with this human process  as love-in-action in all of our roles and relationships.

This is work is perfectly practical and intended to develop a truly effective tool kit - or medicine bag -  for living a more fulfilling life where the mundane and sublime are interwoven and we develop the skills for sustainable ways of being in the world that are congruent with our values and deep soul dreaming.